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If, as has been said, the windows are the eyes of a home, they warrant careful care and attention. Windows do more than frame our views and project a considered personality to the outside world. They also protect you and your belongings from the elements. Classic wooden windows are made of many more elements and surfaces that may be obvious at first, and the condition of each essential element can be very different inside and out.

What is Window Glazing?

One essential element of every wooden window — particularly but not only on the exterior — is the glazing. Glazing seals the seams between the glass panes and the structural elements of the window (either the frame around the outside edge or around individual panes depending on the style of window). When properly maintained and painted, they beautifully and crisply define the edges and character of those windows.

But that glazing is much more than a cosmetic element. The glazing is essential to preventing the passage and accumulation of moisture and even the escape of cooled air or entry of hot air into a cooled space. That glazing also preserves the structural integrity of every wooden element of your windows by preventing penetration by moisture and debris.

Leave it to the Experts

Windows are time consuming and detail-oriented areas of any painting or home maintenance project. They’re areas of a project where it’s easy to cut corners. Pure Elegance Painting never cuts corners while painting windows or any of the particularly challenging areas of a home. We enjoy stepping up to the challenge of preserving and protecting your property by committing to details that might, without the closest inspection, go unnoticed. The team at Pure Elegance Painting have the energy, experience, expertise, tools, and materials to maintain, restore, and even replace any glazing in any window to ensure the perfect view and ideal interior environment for years  to come.

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Wherever a window is located, and whatever style of window you have, we can assess and recommend preventative and restorative measures to ensure ongoing beauty, safety, structural integrity, rot prevention, and weather resistance. Our team will remove any peeling, cracked, or degraded glazing and ensure every seam in every window is glazed with a compound material specifically chosen to stand up to the tests of Atlanta area weather and conditions no matter what direction or prospect your window may be facing. With the right materials and consistent attention to detail, the Pure Elegance Painting team can preserve your windows and views for a generation.

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Do you have a window repair or exterior painting project in mind anywhere in the metro Atlanta area? We’d love the opportunity to discuss how we can bring your inspiration to life by applying our skill, professionalism, and personal attention to the perfection of your space. To obtain a free and no-obligation quotation together with our recommendations and suggestions, get in touch with our team at your earliest convenience.